Iceta assures that the cultural voucher will not finance the consumption of “products that incite violence”




Almost two weeks have passed since Culture made public its star measure for next year, the cultural bonus, and there are still more unknowns than certainties around this game of 400 from which around half a million young people who in 2022 they will be 18 years old.

From the first day it is known that bullfighting will not be among the subsidized cultural products and, this has been made public today by Minister Iceta, that the Government does not want this item to be used to consume cultural products that incite violence. “We do not want to favor the consumption of cultural products that incite violence,” Iceta said this Monday during the presentation of the next budgets.

What does the ministry understand by violent product? “We are not going to subsidize ‘snuff movies’,” replied the head of Cultural, in the midst of controversy over the series ‘The squid game’ that is causing so much havoc among Spanish teenagers.

Does that mean that access to certain content will be banned? «We are going to have to spin very fine. We will see what products and what exceptions we will introduce », answered Iceta. «The first restriction is that those who will access this voucher will be 18 years old, they are not minors. We will see how we do.

The department headed by Iceta is working on the drafting of the royal decree that will detail the development of this cultural bonus, which in any case can only be approved when the Congress of Deputies gives its approval to the Budgets.

“We are working a lot on this, gathering ideas. We are going to give opportunities. It is a great opportunity to open doors, but we are not going to tell young people what they should spend the money on », declared Iceta, who added that there will be caps by sectors« so that people have to diversify their cultural consumption ».

What will in no way enter this game is the bullfighting sector. In the concept of Culture that the socialist government has, bulls do not deserve the same attention as other products such as books, music, performing arts, dance, theater or ballet. “They are, in general, where the cultural consumption of young people is turning,” said Iceta.

Despite complaints from the Toro de Lidia Foundation, the ministry does not contemplate negotiating the inclusion of bulls in the cultural bonus. “We do not have the idea of ​​directing the cultural spending that is financed through this bond towards bullfights. We say it today and we will continue to say it ”, assured the head of Culture.

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