iCloud for Windows version 12.5 finally adds password management function

It was launched on the Windows Store on Monday, and the new version of the App has finally joined the iCloud‌ Keychain password manager function.

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Although a version of iCloud for Windows was also updated earlier this year, it was not until this version that many iCloud Passwords password management functions that users who use Windows, Mac computers and iPhone at the same time expect were added. , With iCloud for Windows 12.5, users can now access the passwords stored in the iCloud keychain on Windows computers, as well as add, edit, delete, and copy user names and passwords.

In addition, iCloud for Windows 12.5 also provides a browser plug-in version for use in Microsoft Edge. It has an Autofill function that can speed up access to web services. iCloud for Windows previously supported Google Chrome for Windows.

In addition to the newly added iCloud Passwords, iCloud for Windows also includes access to iCloud Mail, contacts, Calendars, bookmarks, photos, and cloud drives.


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