Sport «IDEC Sport» accelerates again and regains its Tea Route...

«IDEC Sport» accelerates again and regains its Tea Route advantage at 319 miles


The anticyclone of the Azores Islands rules on the route of the maxi trimaran «IDEC Sport», which again increases miles of advantage over MOD 70 «Maserati» of the current holder of the Tea Route record between Hong Kong and London.

The Doldrums were baffling for the “IDEC Sport” crew. “We were playing the record,” said Francis Joyon almost apologizing. “The Atlantic has not been very cooperative since we surrounded the Cape of Good Hope. The systems moved unpredictably and very quickly and were very different from what we had in our weather charts. The Doldrums lived up to their reputation and they were disconcerting. The ship crashed a lot in very rough conditions, while we had very little pressure on our sails. The letters forecast the arrival of a wind, but we were in a very light air current. We did not look at our position very often, but we suspected that Soldini and the “Maserati” crew were doing well at that time in 2018 “.

The advantage of the «IDEC Sport» plummeted as it passed through the area of ​​the equatorial calm, to the point that its advantage was negative with respect to the route made in 2018 by the «Maserati» of Giovanni Soldini. On board the French maxi trimaran the data was discouraging when they were 82 miles behind the Italian trimaran when they crossed the 6th North parallel at 09:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 after 24 days of navigating the tea route record.

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The data has become favorable the next day sailing southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Slowly the speed of the «IDEC Sport» rose by throwing favorable numbers first of 11.4 miles reaching 200 miles at 23:55 hours on Wednesday, February 12. Being from 319 nautical miles at 06:00 hours on Friday 14, when it is located 650 miles west of the Canary Islands with an obligatory direction to the Azores.

“We are navigating the usual route to the west of the Azores, where it seems that the weather systems are being positioned to allow us to face a transition phase not too complicated. We are pleased to return in cooler conditions. With the dew, the weather equipment It’s wet outside again and now it’s much easier to sleep a little at night. The crew is taking full advantage and enjoying themselves after feeling quite depressed by the oppressive heat and low speeds. ”But Francis Joyon is still very cautious at the time to give an estimate of the time of arrival at the Thames.

At 2,150 miles from the arrival the crew of the “IDEC Sport” still has the aim of negotiating the passage of the Azores, reaching the meridian of Cape Finisterre, the transit through the Bay of Biscay, the English Channel and navigation along the River Thames until the arrival in London to complete the 13,000 miles of the Tea Route before reaching 36 days when it accumulates 26 days and 22 hours since leaving Hong Kong. .


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