Idle containers in the port are piling up like mountains and the two major ports in the west and the United States will be fined! | Anue Ju Heng-International Political Economy

With the intensification of the shipping crisis and the surge in consumer demand, the two major ports in California, Los Angeles and Long Beach, have experienced serious port congestion. Containers piled up like a mountain. In order to solve the chaos, the two major ports announced recently. , The port will be fined if the goods are placed in the port overdue.

On Tuesday (26th), a number of foreign media reported that due to lack of dock workers and lack of truck drivers to quickly transport containers, the containers were placed in ports overdue, and there was not enough space in the docks to accommodate new containers from ships or land. Port congestion problems Continued deterioration, the two major ports in the West and the United States have adopted new policies that will impose penalties on ocean carriers for handling containers overtime.

The two major ports in the West and the United States have introduced new policies that will impose penalties on ocean carriers for overtime handling of containers (Photo: AFP)

The two major ports have issued the latest policy. The two major ports will charge the ocean carrier an additional charge of 100 for the overtime handling of each container. Dollar, Effective from November 1st.

The new policy states that surcharges will be charged for containers transported by truck and stay in the port for more than 9 days, and for containers transported by rail, if they are parked at the port for more than 3 days, a surcharge will also be charged.

Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles, said: “We must speed up the flow of goods through the port to reduce the number of ships at anchor. If we can clear the unused terminals, there will be more space to accept new containers, handle exports, and improve logistics. Operation.”

Mario Cordero, executive director of the Long Beach Port, said that the current terminal space is insufficient and the port must take immediate action to prompt the rapid removal of the containers from the marine terminal to make room for the containers on the ship.

Both major ports claimed that before the COVID-19 pandemic, containers usually stayed at the terminals for less than 4 days, while containers transported by train were kept for less than 2 days. After the outbreak, the time for containers to be transported from the ports increased significantly.

The new policies issued by the two major ports are the latest measures taken by the two major ports to address the Port Said issue. Previously, US President Biden announced last week that the Port of Los Angeles would join the Long Beach Port to provide round-the-clock operations. Even the Union Pacific Railroad Company has joined the ranks of 24-hour operation. However, the US port congestion problem continued to fail to improve, and Biden also considered deploying the National Guard to provide transportation assistance.

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