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MBN ‘Doll Singles 4 IN USA’./Photo = MBN ‘Doll Singles 4’ broadcast screen capture ‘Doll Singles 4’ announces the start of the full-fledged ‘cohabitation’ of couples Jimmy♥Heejin, Ricky♥Harim, and Jerome♥Benita, creating a thrilling experience. The sense of immersion exploded with the polar opposites of ‘Sweet Life’, which alternates between excitement and war-like reality.

In the 11th episode of MBN’s dating entertainment show ‘Dollsingles 4 IN USA’, which aired on the 1st, the first day of living together was unfolding for Jimmy lost. This day’s broadcast recorded 4.0% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid broadcast households), reflecting viewers’ enthusiastic support and interest in each couple who had already developed into a romantic relationship. In addition, ‘Doll Singles 4’ ranked 4th in the non-drama TV search response for the third week of September released by Good Data Corporation, and 1st (‘Doll Singles 4’ Harim) and 4th place (‘Doll Singles 4′ Harim) in non-drama search issue keywords. 4’ Sora) and 7th place (‘Idol Singles 4’ Ricky), proving its explosive topicality.

For the first time in the season, each couple began living together in the house where the contestants actually live. In particular, Jerome His appearance made Benita smile brightly from the beginning. Moreover, when she arrived home and opened the door, there was a balloon decoration waiting for her that Jerome had carefully prepared for Benita. Benita, who was touched, hugged Jerome tightly, saying “Thank you.” After unpacking, Jerome personally cooked the ‘LA rib ramen’ that Benita had wanted to eat a few days ago, and Benita also shyly took out the ‘couple cup’ and ‘couple t-shirt’ that she had prepared for Jerome.

Benita then declared, “Before I meet my parents tomorrow, I will personally choose your clothes and dye your gray hair.” The people who were choosing clothes in Jerome’s closet suddenly checked the blind spots of the mounted camera, then found a place where the camera was not visible and performed a deep act of affection, heating up the atmosphere.

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Continuing the heightened tension, ‘Benita Salon’ and ‘Hwatu Fair’ were held late at night, and an emergency occurred where excessively applied hair dye ran down Jerome’s forehead, but those who were in ‘Go-Stop immersion’ did not notice the situation at all. It caused laughter. In the end, even after washing her hair, a clear stain of dye remained on her forehead, and Benita, embarrassed, said, “Should I pack my bags and go home now?” and resolved the situation by carefully removing the stain with makeup remover. The MCs who were watching the screen couldn’t help but admire the ‘power of love’, saying, “Jerome’s skin is very sensitive, but he never got angry.”
MBN ‘Dollsingles 4 IN USA’./Photo = Screen capture of MBN’s ‘Dollsingles 4’ broadcast After everyone washed up, they gathered in the bedroom. While Jerome was working on the backlog of work on the computer, Benita was lying on the bed and searching her cell phone, spending their own time. sent. While reactions such as “It feels like a very old couple” and “Everyday life is natural” continued, they ended the day lying in the same bed and talking about their feelings on the first day of living together. The first day of the drama ended on a warm note with Jerome fussing and saying, “If you like it, give me a kiss,” and Benita saying, “If you want it, turn off the camera and come back,” and ‘rejecting the knife.’

Ricky and Harim began living together in Seattle, where Harim and her three children live. Harim, who expressed her happiness by sharing a deep kiss with Ricky, who flew three hours from Irvine, immediately said, “I could only sleep for 7 hours in 3 days because I had to work while looking after my child,” and said, “Are you ready to board my emotional train?” It was a warning rather than a warning. (?) was thrown away. The children who met at Harim’s house showed extraordinary closeness by hugging Ricky, and Ricky honestly confessed in an interview, “I missed (Harim) so much that I flew to Seattle two weeks ago and met the kids first.” 5MC continued to praise, “Thanks to you, living together will be a little easier, you did a good job.” However, while Harim was preparing a meal for Ricky, Ricky, who has one child, said that Harim’s first child, Bella, and second child, Jorden, were spending more time with him. I went into a mental breakdown because of the ‘competition’ to get me to play.

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After finishing the meal after many twists and turns, Ricky was in charge of washing the dishes. The dishes were not finished because of the larger volume than usual, and Harim took care of the children and waited for Ricky. However, Ricky spent a lot of time cleaning the old dirt on the tray, and Harim, who was watching, wanted to finish washing the dishes quickly, saying, “Let’s live roughly.” The first conflict broke out between them. In the interview, Harim said, “Ricky lives a neat and leisurely life, but my life is always full of schedules, so I’m busy getting things done quickly,” and “I think we’ll need to agree on our lifestyle habits in the future.”

After washing the dishes, they became ‘complete’ and spent the evening interacting with the children, and after dividing work smoothly, they prepared to sleep. However, the youngest child, Lane, who had taken a long nap, could not sleep and whined, and the oldest child, Bella, complained of pain, saying, “My ears hurt.” Seeing the couple facing an unexpected ’emergency’ on the first night of living together, 5MC realized the wall of reality, saying, “It’s amazing that Harim has been raising children alone all this time,” and “It’s completely different from the atmosphere in Cancun.”

Lastly, the story of ‘New York man-Vancouver woman’ Jimmy They lived a 6-hour plane ride away and reunited in Korea, which is not her residence, because she promised to give her greetings to Heejin’s parents who live in Korea. Moreover, Heejin revealed, “Before I reunited with Jimmy in Korea, Jimmy had already met my older sister and her younger sister’s family,” leading to a surprising response, “This is already family.” On the way to their living house, Jimmy appealed, “I personally airlifted ‘Bakdae’ from my hometown Gunsan to satisfy the appetite of (Heejin)’s mother, who I will meet for lunch tomorrow,” and added, “If the final choice is successful, my parents will too. “Let’s go meet him,” he added, giving a green light for remarriage.

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In addition, in the next episode, the first meeting between Jerome and Benita’s parents and the face-to-face meeting between Jimmy and Heejin’s parents were revealed. In addition, Harim said to Ricky, who was exhausted from raising three children, “My ex-husband is coming,” raising expectations by foreshadowing a dizzying meeting between Harim, Ricky, and X. The 12th episode of ‘Idol Singles’, in which the three couples’ full-scale cohabitation life will unfold, will be broadcast on the 8th.

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