“If politicians had listened to virologists, it wouldn’t have happened”

As queues at testing labs increase, a new testing strategy will begin this Wednesday. Dui covid-19 tests will now be restricted to people who do show symptoms. People who have had close contact with someone who is HIV positive but who do not have symptoms themselves will no longer be tested. People returning from a red zone abroad can no longer take the test.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst from UZ Leuven is not satisfied with the measure: “This should not have happened. If politicians had listened to virologists in the past, they shouldn’t have. But I understand it somewhere, it is of course an emergency measure ”.

Just like in the rest of the country, test samples arrive at UZ Leuven without any problems. “But overall it’s not that bad. Sometimes a machine breaks down, but we still manage to do everything right, ”he concludes.


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