“If the Lakers do that, LeBron can play 3 or 4 more years!” “

If they manage to extend Anthony Davis, the Lakers should be in the title race until LeBron James retires. They therefore have every interest in sparing the latter to allow him to play as long as possible. According to a former coach of the year, a signing could give him several more seasons.

After 10 years of galley, mainly spent in the depths of the Western Conference, the Lakers have finally returned to the top, winning a title that does not suffer from any dispute in the bubble. Behind the duo LeBron James / Anthony Davis, Frank Vogel did not have too much trouble finding the winning recipe.

And the “Purple and Gold” seem to be gone for a long period of domination. At just 27 years old, AD is already one of the best players on the planet, and he doesn’t seem to have reached his full potential. As for LeBron, he does what he does best: dominate, despite being 35 years old. The question is therefore to know how long the two acolytes will be able to stay on top?

For Sam Mitchell, former coach of the year, it is vital for the Lakers to spare the King physically so that he can play as long as possible. And according to him, a signing could allow the No. 23 to play a few more years, and therefore the Lakers to dominate over a longer period.

If the Lakers succeed in attracting DeMar DeRozan, that changes everything for their future… It adds years to the career of LeBron James. LeBron will be able to play 3 or 4 more years, because he will no longer have to play 39 minutes per game. Anthony Davis and DeRozan will be strong enough to win you most games.

This observation is most logical. At almost 36 years old, LeBron will experience the shortest offseason of his career with only 71 days between the title and the restart on December 22. Not enough to recover, regenerate, and restart in great shape. The King will have to breathe to hope to defend his title.

With a player of the caliber of DeMar DeRozan, the King could indeed take a few nights of rest in the heart of the season. If he disappointed during his time in San Antonio, the rear seems more than motivated to play in his hometown, and it could pick up colors. If he regains his All-Star level, the Lakers will be well armed.

If LeBron James takes the time to rest, and has the staff for, he could well embark on the race for 3-peat, a feat achieved twice by Michael Jordan.

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