“If the projects around Johnny Hallyday smell of recovery, I’m not going”

At 51 years old, the guitarist and artistic director on stage of Johnny Hallyday between 2012 and 2017 publishes his autobiography. Childhood in the beautiful neighborhoods, indie musical career via FFF, artificial paradises … From Elvis to Chuck Berry, immersed in a necessarily rock’n’roll world

Guitarist Yarol Poupaud remembers a very demanding Johnny Hallyday as boss.
Guitarist Yarol Poupaud remembers a very demanding Johnny Hallyday as boss. Valery HACHE / AFP

Johnny Hallyday fans will be eternally grateful to him for encouraging the idol to rediscover the rock sound and wild energy of the sixties on his last tours. Born Rocker and Stay alive. Yarol Poupaud is also a childhood in the world of cinema and a thirty-year career in indie rock with the groups FFF and Black Minou with his brother Melvil Poupaud. His autobiography Electric co-signed with Frédéric Béghin at Plon editions will appeal to fans of Johnny, musicians for his precise side and nostalgic for the 80s and 90s between free radio, funk and underground scene.

LE FIGARO.- Over the pages, we meet Isabelle Adjani who was your babysitter, Chuck Berry to whom you lend a guitar, Marguerite Duras, Gérard Depardieu very young but Johnny Hallyday remains the most important meeting of your life. How did you meet?

Yarol POUPAUD.- In 2005, on the set of Jean Philippe that my friend Laurent Tuel was doing. I had to play

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