If the trend continues … Goodbye series!

Statistics are deceptive little beasts … and stubborn. It is these statistics that have enabled Bernard Derome to make famous the fetish phrase: “If the trend continues … we are planning …”

Yet it was early in the evening and there were millions of ballots left to be counted. But … there was the trend …

The trend is clear for the Canadian. Three losses in three games. Three goals in three parts. Zero point. Flannel will have to win four glued to end up with an average allowing it to be part of the peloton of teams admitted to the series.

Three losses, it happened the last time in 2000-2001. The Canadian had pitifully missed the playoffs.

In a non-Covidian season, eleven of the last thirteen teams that lost their first three games of a season missed the playoffs.

So if the trend continues …

The celebrations

But it was a beautiful evening nonetheless. Uncle Geoff was bursting with enthusiasm, Michel Lacroix was twenty years younger than his age so pumped he was presenting the players and the two Glorious people struggling with mental illness at the Canadian are those who received the most beautiful and warmest ovations. The absent Carey Price and the present Jonathan Drouin.

It means that Quebecers are evolving and are more and more understanding and generous. In addition, Drouin scored the only goal for the Canadiens and it was a great goal.

As long as we find ourselves in the heart of great stories, it is the young Alexis Lafrenière, in his first game in Montreal with the Rangers, who scored the winning goal. Apart from the weather-beaten chauvinists, we are delighted with the success of the great guy from Saint-Eustache who was the pride of Rimouski. In addition, he wears the number 13.

There are still 79 left …

Even though the statistics are worrying, it is early to panic. There are still 79 games to play. But if Jake Allen does the job and adequately replaces Carey Price, what we see from the Canadiens reminds us that this team made the Stanley Cup playoffs for the past two seasons because of the Covid.

And we realize that the National League has decided to end the ax contest offered in the playoffs by Shea Weber, Chariot and company. Moreover, the Canadian was penalized four times in the second period and it was for offenses committed with the stick each time. Dominique Ducharme had the class and the intelligence to underline this.

But all the same, Jonathan Drouin, Nick Suzuki, Tyler Toffoli, Josh Anderson, Cole Caufield, Christian Dvorak, Jeff Petry … soon Mike Hoffman, we are talking about players and men capable of turning around a difficult situation. Especially since Brandan Gallagher will end up taking his real place in the locker room.

Now we just have to win three in a row to get back to .500 and breathe a little better. San Jose, Carolina and Detroit are coming to town next week. It’s playable.

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