“If they earn 10 million they are not millionaires”

The tax reform that the National Government filed before the Congress of the Republic continues to attract criticism. Although the public debate has focused on the tax on sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods, there are other points that have not escaped controversy.

Among those articles questioned, the one that imposes a higher taxation stands out (unification of taxable liquid income in a single rate and reduction of nominal ceilings of exempt income and deductions) for those who earn more than 10 million pesos per monthwhich according to the text of the project, They are 3% of workers in Colombia.

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Given the possible measure, the debate was opened between those who consider that a person who earns more than 10 million pesos a month is part of the country’s rich —to whom Petro said he would put more taxes— and those who point out that the Government aims to collect money from the middle class.

Such is the controversy over the article that this Sunday Viviana Vanegas, a tax lawyer, went to the microphones of Radius Snail to expose that a budget of 10 million pesos barely covers the needs of a middle class family. Although he acknowledged that those who earn that amount of money are a small fraction of the population, he believes that they do not have greater luxuries and an additional tax burden would hit them.

The lawyer indicated that a family with a budget of $17,000,000 has the following expenses per month: $2,800,000 in rent and administration, $4,600,000 in routes, schools and lunch boxes, $1,000,000 in services, $ 2,500,000 in the market, $2,040,000 in health and pension, $800,000 in prepaid medicine, $240,000 in internet and cell phones, transportation $220,000, restaurants $300,000, service employee $1,581,000 and $200,000 for swimming lessons for the kids. Among other things, they spend little more than 16,000,000.

In that order of ideas, he explained that despite having some comforts, they do not have extraordinary luxuries and, in addition, they generate employment with their own pocket. “Objectively speaking, a family with incomes of more than 10 million pesos is looking to satisfy their needs in the best way. Of course, with many facilities that others do not have. But in reality they cost us and are born from our daily effort”.

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And he added: “We do not have great luxuries. In the example, they go once a month, to the hairdresser 3 times a year. They do not have Lamborghini nor do they travel every month. They have only one car and the rest of the days they go by Transmilenio”.

The lawyer complemented her explanation by pointing out that, in the midst of inflation and the alteration of the economy, perhaps it is not so objective to say that those who earn more than 10 million pesos are millionaires.

“Facing a greater tax burden like the one that could possibly come this year or next can be very impactful in economic matters,” he concluded.

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