If you are among those… you need a third dose of the corona vaccine

The US Centers for Disease Control has called on those with less effective than normal, or very weak immune systems, to get an extra booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, as the spread of the new delta mutant increases.

Experts emphasized that the “third dose” provides another layer of protection for the elderly, as well as all adults with HIV, AIDS and cancer who have transplanted organs, conditions that lead to weak immunity.

More than 40 percent of those who were fully vaccinated, then contracted the Corona virus and were taken to hospital, were classified as having weak immunity.

Experts at LifeSpan, a senior health organization in Rochester, New York, insist that a “third dose” of the vaccine, for people in the “immunocompromised” category, will give them “essential protection”.

CDC guidelines advise waiting at least 4 weeks for the additional booster dose, after completing the initial series of vaccinations, and it must be the same type of vaccine you initially received.

Source: Sky News


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