If you don’t eat a lot and suddenly gain weight, you should suspect an obesity virus infection.

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[인사이트] Reporter Ki-soo Lim = Most of us know that the cause of obesity is due to lifestyle habits such as neglect of exercise and eating high-calorie foods.

Often people can see people gaining weight even if they don’t eat a lot of food. Are these people due to their constitution?

Maybe he was infected with the’obesity virus’. This is because one study on obesity has shown that there is a virus that causes obesity.

Recently, Dove Medical Press, a medical specialty media, introduced the’Ad-361′ virus that causes obesity.

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While treating obese patients, Indian doctor Nickil Duranda fell into doubt when he saw that many patients either did not lose weight at all or were quickly gaining weight again after losing weight.

At that time, an avian adenovirus called’SMAM-1′ was spreading in India. After dissecting a chicken that died after being infected with this virus, it had a lot of fat accumulated.

Duranda found this fact very interesting. And it came to mind that a virus could be the cause of obesity, and research shows that chickens infected with the virus gained more weight than healthy chickens.

Through this, they learned that obesity is another cause of viruses.

And an interesting event happened. A man who ran a chicken farm in the United States suddenly became obese after being bitten by a chicken as a child.

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He deliberately reduced the amount he ate to lose weight and exercised more, but he did not lose weight well and quickly gained again after eating a little.

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While studying the SMAM-1 virus, Duranda and his team discovered that an adenovirus similar to this virus called Ad-36 can cause fat accumulation in humans as well.

Ad-36 is a virus that causes colds and eye diseases in people. The researchers found antibodies to Ad-36 in the blood of an American patient who was bitten by a chicken as a child. In the past, when being bitten by a chicken, he was infected with the SMAM-1 virus, and the SMAM-1 virus mutated to the Ad-36 virus.

The researchers believe that the reason Ad-36 virus causes obesity is either because the virus affects the production of enzymes that promote fat production or absorbs glucose in the blood and converts it into fat.

Unfortunately, however, we have yet to find a way to completely cure viral obesity.


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