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The expectations of resurrected monsters are endless and endless

It’s only a short time before the world of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, a super-large expansion content for the software “Monster Hunter Rise” for Nintendo Switch, opens.

Predict monsters that are likely to revive with three approaches so far.

This time, we picked up monsters that are likely to come out but do not come out, and we do not want everyone to forget.

With the hope and wish that I would be happy if you could be resurrected … Please !!

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Everyone liked it too !?

Part 1: Dino Baldo & Gamut

Among the signboard monsters that represent “Monster Hunter Cross”, the bubble fox dragon Tamamitsune is also very active in “Rise”.

And in “Sunbreak”, Thunder Dragon Rizex has revived.

If that happens, I feel like the remaining two bodies, the Zanryu Dinobaldo and the giant Gamut, will come out, and I’m even positive that the resurrection has already been decided.

▲ Dino Baldo is an attack that uses the tail. Giant slalom that swept away a wide area and continuous slamming were symbols of fear. On the other hand, once you get used to it, it becomes easier and more comfortable to avoid. It’s a monster whose movements are very interesting to read.

▲ Gamut was very impressed with his nose-based attack as well as his presence because of his huge body. It looks like a big target, but there are many attacks with a wide range, and I had a hard time until I got the optimum time.

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