“If you hold on to the end, you can do Koh-Lanta” (video)

Taking the train is rarely a pleasure. But on Sunday 24 January, a controller was able to give a smile to the passenger of the TGV which linked Guingamp to Paris. Thanks to its original ad to say the least, it made the buzz on the web.

“Today, we have the chance to travel in a magnificent Atlantic-type train set, the flagship of rail technology at the end of the 20th century. If you use the toilet, you will find that the paper that is there also dates from this glorious time, ”begins the controller. “You have to know that this train has a story… but I don’t know it”. In general hilarity, he then gives some advice to the passengers. “E reminds you that your luggage must be labeled with your first and last names and telephone numbers. “Bogosse78” and other nicknames are not allowed. Date of birth, blood type, rh and zodiac sign are appreciated but optional. On board no wifi. If you want to connect to a social network, I suggest you start a conversation with your neighbor, while respecting barrier gestures, of course. On this subject, I inform you that you must keep your masks on your face, this to preserve the safety of all. Second advantage, you can make faces at the controllers without them noticing. Note, however, that the latter are also equipped with a mask and that they also have this option ”.

“If you are familiar with this route, you know, no catering until the end. We carry out this test to assess the endurance of our travelers. If you hold on to the end, you will be able to register for the Koh-Lanta show ”, continues the controller. “In a few minutes, we will pass among you, do not hesitate to ask us when we pass in your car. Tell us what you need, we will explain how to do without it. You should also know that you have the privilege of traveling on the SNCF line which employs the most beautiful and sympathetic controllers of the entire French rail network. Unfortunately none of them work on Sundays, so you won’t see any today. SNCF and its crew, less beautiful than usual, but fortunately masked, wish you an excellent trip ”. A message that has something to cheer up in these complicated times …


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