If you order ‘courier delivery’ to an apartment security guard, you will be fined 10 million won from the 21st.

‘Revision of the Enforcement Decree of the Apartment Housing Management Act’
Refining the scope of security guard work
Do not ‘give up’ such as valet parking

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In the future, it is prohibited to ask apartment security guards for valet parking or delivery. Violations may result in a fine of up to 10 million won after a fact-finding and corrective order by the local government.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 19th that the amended ‘Communal Housing Management Act Enforcement Decree’ will come into effect from the 21st. The amended enforcement ordinance specifies the scope of work that apartment house guards can perform for apartment house management other than facility security work under the ‘Security Business Act’.

Accordingly, cleaning and equivalent assistance with beautification, monitoring and arranging the separated discharge of recyclable resources, posting notices and putting in the mailbox are included in the security guard’s duties. In addition, parking management and storage of parcels can be performed within the scope to prevent the occurrence of dangers due to theft, fire, and other congestion.

On the other hand, in principle, it is restricted to directly perform the tasks of individual households, such as valet parking for personal vehicles (valet parking) and deliver furniture, or to subsidize the general affairs of the management office. In case of violation, a fine of not more than 10 million won may be imposed after a fact-finding and corrective order by the head of the local government for the occupants and the resident representative meeting. Security contractors may have their license revoked.

In addition, it was made to include matters related to secondhand smoke in the rules of the apartment house management regulations set by the mayor/do governor. In addition, the executives of the Residents’ Representative Council, which had previously been elected through indirect election only for complexes with less than 500 households, were unified in a straight line.

Kim Kyung-hyeon, head of the housing construction supply division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, said, “Through this system improvement, not only will the treatment of security guards in apartment houses be improved, but also a win-win culture with residents will be established.”


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