If You Want To Buy A Car Now!


Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati advised the public who wanted to buy car better done now. Because PPnBM incentives are limited by time.

The PPnBM discount is payable in the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 20 of 2021 concerning Sales Tax on Luxury Goods for the Delivery of Luxury Taxable Goods in the Form of Certain Motor Vehicles borne by the Government for Fiscal Year 2021.

Citing article 5, PPnBM borne by the government for the delivery of a motorized vehicle is 100% valid from March to May. Therefore Sri Mulyani suggested buying a car now.

“100% PPnBM does not need to be paid. That is valid until May. So if you want to buy car yes, it’s better now until May because the PPnBM is borne by the government, “he said during a virtual press conference, Monday (1/3/2021).

Even so, this incentive is valid until the end of this year, it’s just that the amount of the PPnBM discount is different. In the period June to August 2021 PPnBM the government only bears 50%, then in the period from September to December 2021 the discount is only 25%.

The PPnBM discount applies to motorized sedans or station wagons with ignition or compression ignition engines (diesel or semi-diesel) with a cylinder capacity of up to 1,500 cc.

Then, motorized vehicles for the transport of less than 10 people, including drivers other than sedans or station wagons, with ignition or compression ignition engines (diesel or semi-diesel) with 1 axle drive system (4×2) with a cylinder capacity of up to 1,500 cc.

Sri Mulyani explained that the car category was chosen because it is a type car used by the middle class. According to him, community groups need to be encouraged.

“Household consumption that needs to be boosted includes optimizing the purchasing power of the middle class community. The boost is necessary because changes in savings balances show that groups with large funds have increased and small funds have decreased. That means they have a balance but do not carry out activities,” he said.

other than that car with a cylinder capacity below 1,500 CC already has a large industry in Indonesia. The use of domestic content levels (TKDN) has also reached 70%. So that it can have a broad impact when sales increase.

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