“If your life is good, don’t do tantra”

The director of the Dhakini Tantra Fest talks about the importance of stopping the activity and finding inner silence.

María Ferrer says that the tantric revolution is the one that begins in the individual and transcends the human collective.  / Nataly Garzón

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María Ferrer says that the tantric revolution is the one that begins in the individual and transcends the human collective. / Nataly Garzón

María Ferrer says that the tantric revolution is the one that begins in the individual and transcends the human collective. / Nataly Garzón (Wilfer Montoya Benjumea Baltasar /)

Why hold the Dhakini Tantra Fest, a virtual event and what will you find there?

Our intention is to keep the tantric revolution active, that is, the revolution that begins in the individual and transcends the human collective, the revolution that allows you to connect with the truth in yourself so that, vibrating from the heart, you raise the frequency of the entire planet . We will have the leading facilitators of the virtual tantric trainings that began in August 2020, along with the best exponents of our country and some world-class teachers when it comes to living tantra as a path of personal fulfillment and spiritual fulfillment.

What do you want to convey through these virtual encounters?

Technology gives us the possibility to be closer, to reach more people who feel alone or need that spark to embrace life. Now we will have the possibility to be pierced by the power of the revolution from the heart with just one click. It will be like entering a parallel universe to reconfirm how you vibrate in the infinite field of possibilities.

Why is it so important to pause and enter the inner silence?

Because that way you can get to know yourself, you can discover those things that you have acquired throughout your life and that do not belong to you, you made them yours to fit in, to be accepted by others. Silence is necessary to accept yourself as you are, with your defects and successes, because each being has infinite possibilities of being. Only external noise does not allow it to be seen.

The game is one of the premises of this Dhakini Tantra Fest, what is the “love lounge”?

We became so adult that we forgot what it is to play and enjoy life, those of us who have young children know that it is to reconnect with the imagination, with living the present moment as it comes. That is why we open those three rooms of the Love Lounge, where each person or couple that enters will have the possibility of meeting others, sharing and getting to know each other, breaking the barrier of the unknown. The three rooms will be held by experts who will guarantee true tantric explosions in a safe environment, in which you can really open yourself without limit.

What is tantra done for?

The Dhakini Tantra virtual tantric trainings were born on the occasion of the 2020 pandemic, and it was an incredible opportunity to really reach new horizons, new countries, many people and great possibilities of connection and encounters beyond any limit of time or space.

What people does this serve and how does it help them in their daily lives?

To all people who are over 18 years old, who are explorers, who feel the call to discover tantra from the comfort of their homes, at their own pace and in the company of whoever wants to live it. This is how tantra is lived. He chooses you and you follow his call. It is something that comes into your life to shake all your structures and let the false fall, which does not allow you to live the splendor of your authentic being. If your life is good, don’t do tantra.

What kinds of workouts are there?

There are three: for women, for men and for couples. Each of these trainings seeks to lead the attendees to remember the connection with sacred aspects of the masculine being, of the feminine being and, in the case of couples, it seeks to lead them to remember the immense potential that lies at the base of the couple relationship to create a true container where all your wounds can be healed and where the two of you can be raised to the understanding of unconditional love. To explore with us the ways of tantra, tao and sacred sexuality, that is, sexuality as a platform for your spiritual and daily fulfillment.

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