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International Center/Reported by Lai Yuyu

Brazil recently reported a horror murder case. A pair of TikTok twins, internet celebrity sisters, were taken to the wilderness and they were brutally “executed.” The whole process was still broadcast live on Instagram, making many netizens cruel and cruel. The police have arrested a 17-year-old boy who was suspected to be a gunman.

according to《Times News Express》It is reported that a pair of twin sisters from Pacajus (Pacajus), Ceara, Amanda and Amália are only 18 years old this year. The two have more than 2,000 fans on their TikTok account. The two were actually taken to a remote area of ​​Pakajus and executed by execution.

▲A pair of TikTok twins, Internet celebrity sisters, were brutally “executed”. (Schematic diagram/reproduced from pexels)

▲Amanda and Amalia were broadcast live.

At the time of the incident, the two were forced to kneel on the ground and lift their hair, and then they were shot by a man from behind. Even after the sisters fell to the ground, the man continued to shoot each of them three times, acting quite arrogantly. What’s even more exaggerated is that the whole process was broadcast live on the killer’s Instagram, and the killer also shared it with followers. The video has been watched by more than one million people.

It is understood that after Amanda’s death, there is still a 3-year-old daughter in the family, and Amalia left a son who is only 6 months old. The local police have first arrested the 17-year-old who was suspected to be the gunman, and made a preliminary judgment. The cause of the incident may be related to drugs.

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