Iglesias: «No government was prepared to face something that has surpassed us all»

The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, said on Monday that the coalition government is going to “reach out to all political forces and civil society” to try to approve new “Moncloa Pacts” during the coronavirus crisis. Some agreements that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, suggested on Saturday and that Ciudadanos already claimed last week.

“We need a transversal pact”, defended Iglesias; “Around social constitutionalism and the defense of the public, a great agreement, and it is good to take as reference what was done 40 years ago,” he continued. The vice president has defended the government’s management and said that “we can feel proud as a country” after the World Health Organization (WHO) considered Spain “a benchmark” in the fight against Covid-19.

Of course, Iglesias has also left room for self-criticism. “I think we should be enormously humble, of course this government has made mistakes and we will make mistakes because we are human,” he admitted, although he later pointed out that “no government was prepared to face something that has surpassed us all.” Subscribing the messages Launched in Brussels by Sánchez, he stressed that “a Europe that is in solidarity is necessary”.

Minimum vital income
Furthermore, Iglesias has defended approving the minimum vital income “as soon as possible.” Symptomatic has been the fact that his Vice-presidency and the Ministry of Labor of Yolanda Díaz, two departments of Unidas Podemos (UP), are working to make it so, after weeks of intense deliberations between PSOE and UP.

The measure of the minimum income was proposed by UP in the face of the reluctance of the PSOE’s economic sector, led by the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, who warns of the risks of increasing social spending. “It is essential to work so that there is a minimum vital income that does not leave anyone in the lurch,” said Iglesias. “This government is not going to let anyone be left behind in this crisis,” he added.

He also recalled that it is necessary to “strengthen public health” through agreements by all political forces so that “in the future, health workers do not work in precarious conditions and that we can have an industry capable of manufacturing respirators and PPE without depending of a highly speculative market. ” .

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