Economy Iglesias wins the battle of the PER photo to...

Iglesias wins the battle of the PER photo to Sánchez, but loses the trust of the agrarian organizations


The Spanish countryside is still on a war footing, and relations with the Coalition Government between PSOE and Unidos Podemos for a surrealist chapter bordering the second vice president Pablo Iglesias and the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz : The meeting scheduled for yesterday morning with agricultural organizations to talk about the former PER was unexpectedly postponed late Thursday afternoon. In parallel, Díaz e Iglesias replaced this appointment with another one with the unions, which yesterday resulted in a nod to the farmers in the form of lower conditions to collect the agricultural subsidy.

Thus, without the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, who until now had carried the full weight of the negotiation and that according to consulted sources he would be quite upset with the situation, the photo was produced yesterday, with the two ministers of the United We can agree with the Andalusian and Extremaduran federations of UGT and CC.OO .. together with the Andalusian Workers’ Union (SAT), the immediate reduction of the 35 to 20 days workers needed to collect the aid.

Neither the attendees nor the ignored were satisfied: UGT and CC.OO criticized the assistance of the SAT, which highlighted that there is hardly 1% of the delegates and that the former purple deputy Diego Cañamero (2016 – was represented by his secretary general) 2019). And after the criticism received yesterday from farmers and ranchers, the department of Díaz convened for next Tuesday the relegated agricultural organizations Asaja, UPA and COAG.

In this way, Iglesias managed to make a profit from a measure that had already been announced, curiously, by President Pedro Sánchez, at a rally before the elections, at the time due to US tariffs. With yesterday’s agreement, the requirements to access the agricultural unemployment benefit (whose duration is between 180 and 360 days maximum) aimed at day laborers in Andalusia and Extremadura are relaxed. A decision that would affect about 103,056 people, according to the estimated number of beneficiaries accumulated by SEPE until November 2019. This represents 3.10% (536.65 million euros) of the expenditure on benefits during this period. Likewise, the Government opened the doors for the Labor Inspection to ex officio check the conditions of these eventual workers in the field.

Outside the photo with Iglesias and Díaz were Asaja, COAG and UPA. Fuentes de Podemos stressed that the presence of the second vice president yesterday was a decision of Díaz herself, reports Gregoria Caro.

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In any case, the representatives of the Spanish camp showed their disagreement and discomfort with the minister’s behavior. In a letter addressed to Yolanda Díaz and signed by the top officials of Asaja, COAG and UPA demanded an urgent meeting with Labor on labor matters and recalled that “the agricultural subsidy monitoring tables have been established for years” and that their members , are already designated “with representatives of the most representative agricultural organizations”.

From COAG, his head of Labor Relations, Eduardo López, highlighted on the comings and goings of the Ministry of Labor “the cost in transport and lodging” for him and his companions. In his opinion, the forms were “very bad” and asked “to respect our representativeness and its actors.” Asked about the agrarian subsidy reform, López assured that “if it is done analyzing the impact on contractors and contractors” they will have them as allies.

In his opinion, any modification in the agricultural subsidy must “reward and encourage people to have a predisposition to work: the more people are paid, the more subsidy”. In this line, the representative of COAG, was open to extend this model to Castilla y León or Aragón.

PP and Citizens: parliamentary offensive
The shadow of the conflict in the Spanish countryside will persecute the Government next week: the Popular group in the Senate, presented on Friday a motion urging the Executive to improve the agricultural insurance system; as well as to review the Law of the Food Chain, with “more rigorous controls on imports” and maintain the funds that Spain receives in the CAP 2021-2027.

For its part, Citizens, yesterday registered in Congress a Non-Law Proposal (NLP) in which it asks Sánchez to reduce the IRPF by 60% to people in municipalities at risk of depopulation, as well as to study reductions in the systems of modules .


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