Ignacio Achurra responded to a subject who tried to ‘fun’ him on networks for going to an exclusive restaurant | TV and Show

The national and former conventional artist had a critical moment with a Twitter user after he tried to “fun” him for attending an exclusive restaurant. Through the same social network, the exactador of Papa a la Deriva responded to the user, whom he classified as “cowardly”.

The actor and former conventional, Ignatius Achurraexperienced a tense crossroads with an enraged twitterer who tried to “fun” him on the social network after bumping into him in an exclusive restaurant in Santiago.

All the controversy took place on the aforementioned platform, where the user @JPabloReisch uploaded a picture of the actor from Amber (2016) eating with another person at the Bacco restaurant.

“Today I ran into Ignacio Achurra at the Bacco restaurant, one of the 10 most exclusive restaurants in Santiago. ‘Capitalism for the leadership, communism for the people’”was what Juan Pablo wrote along with a video capture where the former conventional is seen having lunch in the place.

Later, through the same social network, the actor responded to the enraged user: “Next time you come up to talk to me or take a picture of me directly and not playing dumb recording, like a coward”.

To this he added: “And yes, a delicious restaurant that is worth going to from time to time, except for the risk of meeting people like you”closed Achurra.

The interaction between the two did nothing more than generate an intense debate among network users, while the actor received signs of support.

Faced with this, Ignacio Achurra wrote a new message to these users on Twitter, as collected page 7.

“Thank you for showing affection for the ridiculous ‘funa attempt’ to eat in a restaurant”, said. To which he added: “I am concerned about the hatred that is incubating around (…) we have to lower the violence (…) It is urgent”he claimed.

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