IKEA – this is the new catalog 2021 PART II. “Better life at home” – see new products in the IKEA catalog! [10.08.]

The new IKEA catalog for 2021 will be available on Wednesday, August 12. In the catalog, whose motto is “a better life at home”, apart from photos of new products, you will find useful tips on how to arrange the interior to make it more comfortable, cozier and ecological. IKEA! Check also the first part of the article, where we publish more pictures of new products from the catalog.

IKEA 2021 catalog – a guide to better living at home

Editing the IKEA catalog for next year is unique in at least two respects. First of all, it’s not only filled with tons of photos of new products. There will also be advice on how to use these products and adapt them to the interiors we have already decorated. The catalog is brimming with tips, suggestions, ideas, and practical and inexpensive solutions.

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Katarzyna Goleń, IKEA Retail Design and Commercial Space Director, talks about the practicality of the new guide:

“Time at home has never been so important as it is today. The new IKEA 2021 Catalog is full of concrete, simple ways to quickly adapt your home to various new circumstances that appear every day. You don’t have to change everything at once. Sometimes it is enough to introduce new solutions step by step, both at home and in our everyday life, to achieve great results. ”

The main themes of the catalog are simplicity, comfort, practicality and peace of mind. Therefore, the second distinguishing feature of this year’s catalog is harmony with nature. We can find there many products of natural materials, obtained from recycling, but also articles that will help us care for nature, such as water-saving batteries, waste segregation systems or sets of pots and stands for home breeding.

Kasia Broniarek, Communication Director at IKEA Retail in Poland, adds:

We have filled hundreds of pages of the new catalog with the thought that forms the basis of the assortment
and IKEA offers for over 70 years. We constantly make sure that many people can afford a better, more beautiful and more functional home. We want it to become more friendly to the planet and to ourselves. The catalog is a base, a manual and a treasury of smart solutions at affordable prices, and even more news, tips and advice are waiting in IKEA stores. You’re welcome!”

IKEA 2021 catalog – a house that is friendly to us and the planet

The IKEA 2021 catalog will be officially available on August 12. On that day, it will appear on the store’s website and will be available in store for IKEA Family members. This is the 25th edition of the catalog in Poland. Watch the video below, in which Carolina Garcia Gomez, President of IKEA Retail, talks about the new catalog.


If you are interested in what we will be able to buy at IKEA – check out the gallery!


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