“I’ll take off my uniform and we’ll shit each other,” was a commissioner’s threat to a police officer

He the dialogue between an inspector of the Regional Unit II and the reference of the police organization Rubén Ángel Muñoz ended in the worst way this morning when the leader of the Río Negro Police invited him to fight the former member of the Río Negro force in a plaza. «I take off my uniform and we shit together“Launched the police chief.

The dialogue, which went viral, occurred during the early hours of the morning when Commissioner Milton Almendra -of the Regional Unit II- proposed to Muñoz a meeting in his office on Monday at 8 in the morning to discuss and chat. “If you want, we’ll have a coffee, you can bring the press,” Almendra launched.

«Later at night, without anyone knowing, I take off my uniform, I wait for you in a plaza and we shit each other»he told him at one point in the talk

Muñoz upon receiving the threat He pointed out that it was not the way to solve things. But Almendra insisted several times to the point that she stated: “It’s a pity, I don’t know where you live, otherwise I would go looking for you now.”

«I am neither more nor less a man than you. I fight for the food of the policemen»Muñoz pointed out at one point in the talk.

The commissioner insisted: «You call me a coward on social networks, you play brave. Dale, what do you think? We fight and settle things like men.”threatened.

The dialogue would have been generated this morning when Almendra called the ex-policeman from Rio Negro justifying that he himself had called him on one occasion during the early morning. On several occasions he reproached her for calling him a “coward and shit” on social networks.

«Listen to me, you squeezed Crespo and the other boss too, they are workers and parents. It’s a shame what you’re doing and for a mobilizationno. I am fighting for the policemen’s food,” Muñoz replied.

«I’m inviting you to debate in the morning at 8 o’clock and at night we shit ourselves. It’s a pity that I don’t know where you live, otherwise I was going to look for you now, “the reference from Regional Unit II, from Roca, told him in a threatening tone.

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