Illan (Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5) still in love with Victoria? These photos are talking

Illan has just posted pictures that suggest he still has feelings for Victoria. We let you discover them here.

During episode 57 of the Marseillais vs the rest of the world, Julien Tanti launched the evening of problems, Marine El Himer got carried away and for her part, Victoria kissed Mujdat and Illan. A real treat for the latter who has never hidden his crush on the pretty blonde … Moreover, Evening and Victoria are going to set off on the adventure together. But their couple will not last very long after the shooting. Victoria did not have the same feelings as Illan. And obviously the latter is still in love with Vivi. In any case, that’s what he suggests on Instagram …

And Illan’s Instagram post made Internet users react. Among the many comments that were posted, we read: “You are both cute (…) But Illan, I no longer understand your delirium (…) That’s all the problem! (…) He loves her too much. It’s lived his number 1 , but she, she, does not want “. And it is true that for once, the candidate of the Marseillais did not react to this post … By the way, this evening in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, Milla Jasmine will come back in the adventure and she will settle accounts with Mujdat and we invite you to discover all this exclusively!

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