illegal and dangerous, why are speed bumps in the crosshairs?

For several weeks, actions and press articles have multiplied: several motorist associations have called for the installation of speed bumps to be stopped and have threatened legal action to obtain their compliance. These speed bumps are accused of causing accidents, breakage but also a significant increase in pollution and noise.

According to the president of the association “For a serene and sustainable mobility” (PUMSD), Thierry Modolo-Dominati, interviewed by the magazine Capital, the vast majority of speed bumps littering French roads are quite simply illegal. It demands, like other associations, that these retarders be brought into conformity on the entire French road network.

There would be, according to calculations by PUMSD, around 450,000. And new speed bumps are constantly emerging. Beyond the number of devices installed, what the associations denounce is their illegal nature. ” You can only install a retarder in zone 30, explains Thierry Modolo-Dominati. But, there are abuses, he explains, and some mayors do not hesitate to create 30 zones just before the speed bump when they should normally be applied on the entire track. »

What do we reproach with these speed bumps?

A priori, these speed bumps, whether rounded or trapezoidal in shape, have the noble objective of forcing motorists to slow down in urban areas. But their installation would not be without consequences for the residents they are supposed to protect: some speed bumps cause serious nuisance related to noise and vibrations. Sometimes going so far as to crack the houses. And to lose, explains the president of PUMSD, up to 25% of the value of a property located nearby. More serious, according to Thierry Modolo-Dominati, in 2019, six fatal accidents were attributable to speed bumps. Another argument against retarders according to the association: they multiply the increase in fine particle emissions by 300 to 1,000 and lead to an increase in gasoline consumption by 30%.

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