Illegal immigration, relations with Khalifa Sall: Guigui says it all (Senego Tv)

The singer of Grand-Yoff Guigui Sarr, faced the press this Saturday afternoon, in the premises of D-Media for the launch of her album entitled “Spirit”. This new opus, which was due out in March, postponed for reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic, was presented to fans and includes 11 titles with various themes. The opportunity was auspicious for the queen of pop Mbalax to launch a cry of heart to all these young people, candidates for illegal immigration, but also to shed light on her relationship with Khalifa Sall.

Stay in the country and believe in yourself

The situation is certainly difficult in Senegal, but you have to believe in yourself and face it, the artist said. To the youth, she will say to stay and try out self-entrepreneurship, rather than paying colossal sums to get on the boats.

Relationship with Khalifa Sall
Guigui will say that his commitment alongside the former mayor of Dakar is not a politician but rather a conviction. “I was born, I found my parents supporting Khalifa Sall, I just followed in their footsteps. I won’t call him Khalifa Sall, but papa Khalifa. He’s like a father to me. These are the convictions that bind me to him, but not the politics ” declares Grand-Yoff’s child.

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