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An illegal nursing home was evacuated this Sunday in the parish of Carvalhal, municipality of Abrantes, after the confirmation of a total of 15 cases of infection by covid-19, among users, employees and owners, the Civil Protection of Santarém advanced. According to the Public Health delegate, contagions occurred due to “socialization” and “breaking of good practices”, carried out in a “home without licensing”.

According to the Santarém District Relief Operations Command (CDOS), “seven elderly users of that space were transported by the firefighters from Abrantes” to a ward created in the city’s hospital to respond to these types of situations and to welcome elderly people who accuse positive and come from homes.

The operation “started at 14h57 and involved four vehicles and six operational ones”, this after the transport of two people on Saturday, also to the Abrantes hospital. The Public Health delegate of the Grouping of Health Centers (ACES) of the Middle Tejo, Maria dos Anjos Esperança, told Lusa that this situation “derives from socialization and a break in good practices”, carried out in a “home without licensing”.

Of the various people who live in the same room, he added, among “son, parents, grandparents and other people”, they are all positive, waiting for the result of a test to an employee. The first two positive cases in this space were known in the last 48 hours, and the results of 13 more tests, all positive for the new coronavirus, were revealed this Sunday.

The home was evacuated this Sunday and the elderly were transferred to isolation and quarantine at the Abrantes hospital.

The son of the owners of the reception space, a 40-year-old man, was also transferred to the hospital unit, while the employees went to their homes. “Only the owner couple stayed in the house,” said the delegate of Health, having noted that “the positive cases are all asymptomatic”.

The number of infection cases in Abrantes, in the last 48 hours, has increased from 23 to 36 people testing positive for the new coronavirus in the municipality, a “worrying” situation for the mayor.

These situations do not choose the places, the moments or the places and what is true is that we ended up having a focus of positive cases, in a welcoming residence that makes us extremely concerned ”, said Manuel Jorge Valamatos (PS), having reported , around 17:30, that “the users have already been referred to the Abrantes hospital”.

“The owners will be quarantined, as they are asymptomatic”, and “the employees in isolation at home”, to comply with the strict rules determined by the competent authorities, he added.

The Abrantes City Council, said, “is monitoring the situation on the ground and in permanent dialogue with the authorities, offering to help in whatever is necessary”, having called on people to see this situation as an alert and maintain the rules issued by health authorities.

“Despite the 36 registered cases and the 17 cured in the municipality of Abrantes, we cannot lower our arms and we must respect all indications, whether in organizations or at a personal level, regarding the use of a mask, safety distances and, the others mentioned by DGS [Direção Geral da Saúde] and other authorities, to prevent the numbers from increasing in our region ”, he noted.


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