Illegal TikTok Cash and Snack Video, immediately stopped by the Task Force!


The official TikTok Cash and Snack Video applications are included in the list of illegal entities. Both have been reprimanded by the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) to immediately stop operating or close the application on any platform.

SWI sent the appeal to Snack Video since last Friday (26/2). This is because the application is not registered as an Electronic System Operator (PSE) of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, nor does it have a legal entity and license in Indonesia.

Likewise with TikTok Cash, SWI gave orders to Kominfo to stop the application.

“We have discussed with the Snack Video management and there is an agreement to stop its activities until the permit is obtained. We have also asked the Ministry of Communication and Information to stop the TikTok Cash application that has the potential to harm the community,” said Investment Alert Task Force Chairman Tongam L. Tobing in his official statement received by detikcom. , Monday (1/3/2021).

Tongam reminds the public to always be aware of offers from various parties that seem to provide easy benefits but have the potential to harm users.

Apart from Tiktok Cash and Snack Video, SWI in its cyber patrols also found 26 business entities that were suspected of being without permission from the competent authorities and potentially harming the public.

Of the 28 entities, among them carry out the following activities:

-14 Money Game Activities
-6 unlicensed Crypto Assets, Forex and Forex Robots
-3 Direct Selling / Direct Selling without permission
-1 Equity Crowdfunding without permission
-1 Unauthorized video content organizer
-1 Unauthorized payment system
-2 other activities

Last February, SWI also managed to find 51 illegal peer to peer lending activities that have the potential to disturb the public because they often make threats and intimidation if they are in arrears.

“The Investment Alert Task Force continues to strive to eradicate illegal fintech peer to peer lending, among others, by submitting regular website and application blocks to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, as well as submitting information reports to Bareskrim Polri for law enforcement processes,” he added.

To note, from 2018 to February 2021, SWI has closed 3,107 Illegal Fintech Lending.

In addition to discovering illegal Peer-To-Peer Lending fintech and illegal investment activities, SWI also found 17 illegal private pawnshops carried out without permission from the OJK in accordance with the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number: 31 / POJK.05 / 2016 concerning Pawnshop Business (POJK) .

In the POJK provisions, all private pawnshop business activities are required to register with the Financial Services Authority within 2 years from the issuance of the POJK, namely the end of July 2019.

Previously in 2020, SWI had announced 75 illegal pawning entities, bringing the total from 2019 to February 2021 to 160 illegal pawning entities and it is possible that many more illegal pawning entities will be discovered by the Investment Alert Task Force through public complaints.

SWI asks the public not to transact with illegal private pawning businesses and if they want to make transactions with pawnshops, they can use a pawn shop registered with the OJK.

Watch the video ‘TikTok Cash Blocked by Kominfo!’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]



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