Ilona Smet and Kendji Girac announce BIG news to their fans! (video)

Kendji Girac only wanted Ilona Smet to play the role of his girlfriend in his next clip. And the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday accepted. “Ilona really looks like the image in the clip, the girl I wanted. Quite Parisian: classy, ​​pretty, very friendly, beautiful look”, explains the singer to M6. The French channel was able to go to the touring of the clip in Paris.

The clip will be released on February 1. The singer and model shared the news to their fans today on Instagram. “Too happy to have participated in the filming of” obviously. Thank you Kendji for choosing me for this beautiful project “, Ilona writes on her account.

“Beautiful, talented, good actress”

For her part, Kendji is full of praise for the 25-year-old. “Thank you again to the talented Ilona Smet! We loved shooting this clip together, I hope you like it!”, he writes for his part on the social network.

“Ilona has acting talents. Earlier, on the bridge, you blew me away, with your very sad little look”, also launched the singer to Ilona, ​​during the filming. “I saw the tear flow!”. To which Ilona responds: “You made the game easy!”

If she follows in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a model, Ilona is not an actress either. “It’s a first experience for me to make a clip”, she explains to M6. “I saw my parents, my grandparents doing it, so it’s true that for me, it happened quite naturally. I like to play a role, I’m more comfortable playing a role than ‘by being myself, which is quite strange “.

From Johnny

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Kendji Girac is a big fan of Johnny Hallyday, that’s one of the reasons for his choice. “I have already sung with his grandfather, it was a great moment for me, a great memory. I’m a fan.”

Even if she liked “playing” the singer’s girlfriend, Ilona Smet will not forsake her boyfriend for all that. In August, she celebrated her 8 years of love with Kamran Ahmed!


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