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Sturm Graz was the first to make it: Salzburg went off the field as a loser for the first time in this Bundesliga season last night. We have the opinions on the 3-1 away win among the Sturm fans in Austrian Soccer Board, Austria’s largest football forum caught up.

GraveDigger: “That was rather unexpected now … Great shit! Please just let Nemeth / Wüthrich and Stankovic play in the trio forever. Can’t remember when it last looked so stable in the center. “

OoK_PS: “Very cool, these are real big points that not many will make. With the performances so far, the upper playoff will not be a problem. Congratulations to Ilzer and Schicker. Ilzer shows that he is a good coach and that everyone fails at Austria (Stöger is currently on the best path). And Schicker shows that you can make really good transfers with little money, if the horizon goes beyond honest, obvious options. What a difference to last season, also regarding the mentality. “

FLuRLi: “5 goals conceded only after 7 games and we have already played against Rapid, LASK and Salzburg.”

killver: “What I’m really happy about is that you can see continuous progress. We played well and properly against LASK, but there were still a few things that weren’t right. Apparently the right screws have been turned, keep it up! “

Son: “Will be interesting when Kiteishvili comes back. Where do we set it up? “

FloB: “I will only look at Bayern Salzburg to hear how the commentator addresses the results from the weekend”

Doofenheinz: “The game was largely won through the duels, 60:40 is something quite good.”

plieschn: “Great match! Did really good once. In general, storm is fun again this year, I would like more of it. “

OoK_PS: “The season so far has been a resounding slap in the face for El Maestro and Kreissl, you have to put it so hard.”

Son: “By the way, I am much more pleased with the development of the team than the current ranking, whose priority over the ranking I emphasized before the season started. Please take this development with you and stay tuned, then good placements will inevitably come in the long run. “

flachzange1987: “So far the team has shown character. She can take defeat and seems to have a plan against the ball that is really good. And a plan with the ball that pushes Salzburg three doors in. Say, if that is still the case in 6 months, we will be at the front again. Unless? Let’s keep going. “

FloB: “It’s unbelievable that we and Friesenbichler beat Salzburg 3-1 away in the storm. Imagine we had, besides Jantscher, a striker with the quality of Gorenc-Stankovic. “

phips1909: “In the Ilzer system, however, you don’t need a bomber … but someone who works against the ball in front. Friesenbichler does that, others can score the goals too. The Friesenbichler bashing is pretty tough for me. “

Vuibrett: “Friesenbichler is certainly a limited kicker, but it is definitely poisonous, employs defenders and goalies and thus creates a lot of space. In general, we were in the way you have to play against such a team. The pass of Nemeth was just the icing on the cake. “

phips1909: “But what is even more important to me than sport is that you grow together again as a club because the interpersonal at Ilzer and Hölzl is very strong. It would be very cool if the people in the stadium could feel that too. I would be sure that all hell would break loose at the next home game. “

Johnnie Gunther: “The SK Sturm is back. As toxic as it should be. With players motivated to the point of the mustache, the team is hungry and good to look at. Stankovic is the hoped-for mega-obligation, he is the lighthouse in the back of the center, whether as an IV or on the 6th. The third goal reminded me of the 1-0 win against Rangers 2000 from the move … Please continue in exactly the same way and don’t let setbacks put you off. “

Pepi_Gonzales: “A few things:
1. We are now playing really strong pressing. That was now the third opponent after Rapid and LASK, with whom I had a massive stomachache, that it would end in a debacle. I was wrong.
2. We have the power to do this pressing for an entire game.
3. We lost only once in 9 games. Have an average of 1.71 in the league. If you add the cup, we’re even at 2. These are very useful values. Mainly because apart from 2 games the performance was always good to very good.
4. At the end I would like to break a lance again for the much scolded hunter. Yesterday, as in the previous games, he was very good after being substituted on. It is by far not as weak as it is always made. “

You can find more fan opinions on SK Sturm Graz in Sturm-Forum des Austrian Soccer Board.

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