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MEXICO CITY.- Camila Sodi has stood out on the small and big screen, thanks to her artistic career as an actress, however her beauty and sensuality is what has made her one of the favorites for the Mexican public.

However, Diego Luna’s former partner knows perfectly how to steal the glances of his followers, by posing in some images with little clothing, which allow him to show off his enviable figure.

In her most recent publication on Instagram, the actress left all her fans speechless and is that she appears sitting on a chair, wearing a blouse that has the legend: “I am rich man”, while her pants have the zipper open and she put on a banana, something that has so far caused controversy.

I am a rich man ”(is it art? (Art saves us) is it humor? (Laughter is the best antidote) please decide for yourself here)” wrote the actress.

Before this publication, the artist began to receive hundreds of comments from her followers and colleagues from the show, some of them: “I thought it was a snake. I already saw that it is your viborón!”, “Naca”, “what a scare”, “you are beautiful”.

Although for many of his followers it caused amusement, there were many others who did not agree with the “grace” of the actress, since it does not seem correct to see her pose like this in front of the camera.

However, it is not the first time that Camila is back in controversy and it is that a few months ago she had allegedly pushed a journalist, but the artist clarified it and commented that all she did was protect her son of his privacy and what he walked away from the media out of respect.

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