“I’m already thinking of going up the hill”

Carolina Escobar and her operation for a triple ankle fracture:

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Carolina Escobar and her operation for a triple ankle fracture: “I’m already thinking of going up the hill”

The conductor of Good morning to everybody, Carolina escobar, deepened regarding his absence in the program because he is in recovery after having undergone surgery due to an ankle fracture.

The 45-year-old journalist underwent medical intervention last Tuesday, and is already waiting for her right foot to recover, as told to LUN.

The accident happened while riding in April 2019. “Some time ago I broke my ankle. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. Now it’s time to have an operation“, Said Carolina Escobar about the fracture.

The injury was added to others that he had already suffered in the lower extremities in 2016 and 2018. “That time (two years ago) I had a triple right ankle fracture and a sprained leg. There was a microfracture that failed to heal, that never hitHe added.

Regarding the intervention she had to undergo, Carolina Escobar explained that “it lasted about an hour and a half. There was a process of deterioration in which the cartilage was necrotic and the bone had something like a cavity. They scraped that cavity, and with a machine they poked the bone so that the body understands that this area must heal, and they put a hip bone as an implant in my foot. They also fitted me with a mesh to capture the cells for regeneration. The lesion was 1.5 centimeters by 1.5 centimeters in diameter ”.

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Although the recovery has not been without pain and discomfort, the journalist assures that she is in good spirits and that “I would already be weaving for me, but everyone tells me to please do things calmly“.

He also referred to his work team in the morning program, highlighting the concern and how his partner Maria Luisa Godoy and the rest of the members have written to him on different occasions to send him support. “They have passed. Gonzalo (Ramirez) and the Paloma (Armijo, his wife) have behaved a thousand, their love and friendship is always there ”, expressed Carolina.

As for the reason for having surgery so long after the accident, the journalist explained that “I had the typical discomfort in my feet with changes in temperature, with the cold. At first after the (ankle) fractures the leg felt like a wooden one. I tried to be responsible and fully complied with what they asked of me, I used a large boot, a small boot, I tried twice to ride a horse again and it did not flex with my foot“.

And he added that “I asked the doctor in all languages ​​to avoid the operation, which they already told me since last October, to give my body every opportunity. I don’t know if I tried to push recovery a lot. I did all the therapies that I found, applying cold, heat, and I did not succeed. In March I already cached that it did not work. But I didn’t take care of myself as I should have, I came from the other fracture (2018) so recently ”.

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Carolina also highlighted her passion for sports and climbing hills, so the different fractures she had suffered would mean that she would not be able to do them again as usual if she did not take care of herself. “I was not irresponsible about the sport, but maybe I was in a little hurry to get up and go back to work (she returned two weeks after the accident in 2019), and I had discomfort that I found tolerable. I have a high tolerance for pain and that is very bad, because when I ask for help there is a lot of damage“.

“I think that prevented it from healing well. Everything has its times. Now I am going to try to be super loving with my body and have the best recovery because I am hyperkinetic, I am already thinking with some friends that we will hardly be able to climb the hill“, He pointed out.

Past fractures

In 2016, while Carolina Escobar was in a wardrobe change, He hit a table in the canal. “I broke my tailbone. It was a super long recovery, with a lot of kinesiotherapy, biomedicine and injectable painkillers in the area. It was not easy. For a long time I walked everywhere with him never seen well, but wonderful, they bit me to sit down ”.

Later, at the end of 2018, he fell while riding his bike at high speed near his house, when he came across exercise machines that he had not anticipated: “I had a patella fracture in my left knee.”

Finally, in 2019, he fell from a horse during a riding class, the result of which was triple fracture of the right ankle which ended up in the pavilion last Tuesday.

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