“I’m fed up, but the police can’t do anything…”

“It started in September,” Annick told journalists from Belang van Limburg. “A woman had landed with her grandson because she had found a Nintendo game on Marketplace. The seller she was in contact with had sent her my address. But I had nothing to sell.

Arrested, the resident of Genk decided to report the incident via Police-on-Web and quickly received a response. “They told me they couldn’t do anything because no crime had been committed. I’m fed up, but the police and Facebook can’t do anything.

“Every time it’s the same song”

Since then, it is therefore a real hell that has started for the fifty-year-old since no less than 30 people have landed in front of her home. “Each time, it’s the same song,” she laments. “These are often people of foreign origin: Russians, Czechs, Turks, Moroccans. In general, they don’t understand Dutch very well, but I still try to explain to them as best I can”.

More than disconcerted, Annick is now speechless and does not understand why she is being targeted? “Is someone aiming at me?” she asks herself. “I have no quarrel with anyone and I’m just an innocent citizen. I think they are scammers collecting the money and sending random address. Unfortunately, it’s mine.

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