“I’m going to make an impact”: Errol Spence says he is in his best moment to face Danny García

After a terrible car accident where his life was at stake, Errol Spence Jr He returns through the big door and not before any rival, but before the former world champion of two divisions, Danny ‘Swift’ García, next December 12.

The health of Spence Jr After the accident it continues to be a question for all fans and boxing experts, because it is not known what the performance of the native Texas boxer will be, but in a public training for the media, Errol He commented that he feels good and that although there was a lot of uncertainty in his environment and with himself, he is ready for the challenge of fighting against Garcia and show that you are back in perfect physical and mental condition.

“It was a lot of uncertainty,” he commented. Spence Jr a Ray Flores in an interview during an open training session for the press. “I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew that I was going to keep training. Now, I feel ready. This is one of the best moments I’ve ever felt. “

It has been over a year since the last time Spence stepped into a boxing ring (split decision win over Shawn Porter to be crowned unified welterweight champion CMB Y FIB) Y Danny Garcia He has expressed being totally confident in himself to be crowned world welterweight champion again and that is why the curiosity, interest and intrigue of this fight makes it so special and expectations grow day after day.

“My coach has a great fight plan,” he added. Spence. “I’m just going to do what I have to do. I don’t know how the first round will play out. If I can pressure him, then I will press and do what I always do ”.

Spence Jr he knows that he has a lot against him, the accident, the inactivity, and especially the rival he faces that although today he is not a pound for pound, he has never ceased to be a serious and real threat in the 147 category pounds.

“He is a tough opponent with a granite chin. He’s always in tough fights and he’s going to get the best of me. I think if he had taken a setup fight, he wouldn’t have been 100 percent focused. I’m going to put on a shocking performance. I guarantee that there will be highlights everywhere, throughout the fight. I’m going to put on a great show and a great performance and I’ll get to win on December 5. ” said Spence in interview for Ray Flores during open training.

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