“I’m leaving with a lot of regret”

Yesterday evening, René Malleville, annoyed by the mockery of the other chroniclers, had sworn not to want to return to the set of TPMP. Was this his last show, this Thursday, November 19? In any case, he explained himself with Jean-Michel Maire and Benjamin Castaldi, whom he did not hesitate to call“besotted”.

We were not far from the fist last night on the plateau of Do not touch My TV between different chroniclers of the band Cyril Hanouna. Among the main protagonists, René Malleville. The earthy supporter of Olympique de Marseille 73-year-old had planned, as usual, to defend the controversial professor Didier Raoult, after the words of the latter who claims to have been the victim of a conspiracy at the highest level of the state. He had also studied the subject for a long time. Persuaded to hold a serious argument, his plea in favor of scientist was not however taken very seriously, in particular by Jean-Michel Mayor and Benjamin Castaldi. This one, hilarious, multiplied the offenses against René Malleville, who ended up fulminating. The loud mouth was indeed got up from his seat and signaled he was leaving. Retained by the other chroniclers, and in particular Geraldine Maillet and Danielle Moreau, the troublemaker, however, remained until the end of the talk show, but was quick to clarify that it was his “last” appearance at TPMP. Later that evening, he broadcast a message to “Baba“to say all his contempt for “two morons” who laughed at him. He also recalled that he did not accept to be caught “for a con” and insisted that he would not return after the broadcast of this Thursday, November 19.

René Malleville bursts into tears when he mentions his wife

With this stormy backdrop, viewers were obviously keen to see if he was really going to walk the talk. Ahead of this new meeting, the Twitter account of Do not touch My TV indicated that PAF star host-producer had been able, however “talk at length with René Malleville” and that he intended to leave him a tribune free from his adversaries. “Cyril will do everything to make things calm”, could we nevertheless read. So how did this episode end? It was René Malleville who was first very touched and finally presented himself to the rest of the team. He even broke down in tears when recounting how he experienced the events of the day before: “I talked a lot with my family. With my wife we ​​talked until 2 am, who cried like a madeleine. I have been married to a lovely woman for 53 years. She’s the queen of my family. family swarm. Seeing her cry like that, I couldn’t stand “.

“I’m leaving this show”

A first warm-up lap that put a lot of cold on the plateau. Then René Malleville came to his senses and began to settle accounts with Benjamin Castaldi. “You speak, you there! You are always laughing, for any subject! I told you about my aunt who was killed while falling in the mountain, you were breaking your stomach!”, grumbled the Marseillais, red with anger. Thing against which the accused defended himself. “Not at all, it’s the story and the way you told it with its characters … Obviously it’s tragic. But it’s funny what you do, it made me laugh but everyone was laughing, René! “, thus defended himself the former companion of Flavie Flament. René Malleville finally confirmed that he was leaving and explained that he wanted to leave the TPMP adventure in these terms: “I decided to remain calm, not to insult, to remain dignified and to do honor to the Marseillais (…) I am leaving this program with a lot of regrets”. “There are many that I will miss, I will not quote them one by one …”, he added. Despite this irrevocable decision, several columnists have tried to retain him, in particular former Miss France Delphine Wespiser. Without success.

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