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“I’m looking for my son’s body” The water from the pond was drained… Police neglected for 7 years

by archyde

Connie Goodwin, Missouri, recovers son’s remains

▲ Courtesy of Connie Goodwin

The story of a mother who drained all the water from a pond in the United States and recovered the remains of her son who was murdered seven years ago has been reported.

Local media, including the New York Post, reported on the 23rd (local time) that Connie Goodwin, 57, of Missouri, recovered the remains of her son Edward Goodwin from a pond in Poplar Bluff.

In the summer of 2015, Edward, then 32, went missing. Edward’s family searched for him for two years after reporting his disappearance. Then, in November 2017, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office drained some water from a small pond and found some of Edward’s remains.

Edward’s pelvis and femur were evidence, and his friends, Eldred Smith and Ricky Hurt, were charged with murder. They confessed that “Edward’s body was tied to cement bricks and thrown into an unnamed pond near 572 County Road.”

Smith and Hurt are currently serving sentences for murder. At the time, the media reported that the drug deal had gone awry and that Edward had provoked a grudge between the parties.

“The police promised to find the rest of the son’s remains and get the job done, but the years passed with new excuses each time,” said mother Connie Goodwin. Connie explained that the police gave reasons such as “busy with other cases” and “the weather is bad”.

After five years without police contact, Connie decided to find the rest of her son’s remains on her own. Together with his husband Ed and Edward’s son, grandson Gage, 22, they rented a pump to pump water from the pond.

Two hours after work began, they discovered an object believed to be a bone protruding from the mud and contacted the local coroner. Butler County coroner Jim Acres said: “Dental records confirm that the ashes belong to Edward.”

“It was sad, but I was also happy because I was able to bring my son home,” Connie said.

After that, Connie cremated Edward’s ashes, and Edward returned home seven years after the incident in an ashes box.

Reporter Lee Bo-hee

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