‘I’m not a psycho, I’m a creative genius’: Santosh Varkey

Kochi: Santosh Varkey is a Mohanlal fan who became famous among the movie audience with his single dialogue ‘Mohanlal is playing’. Santosh had said that he loves actress Nitya Menon as much as he does Mohanlal and wants to marry Nitya.

Santosh had said that he had told Nithya and his family directly that he wanted to marry Nithya, but Nithya Menon ignored his love. Following this, Santosh Varkey was subjected to a severe cyber attack. Many called Santosh a psycho. Now, he has come up with the answer to calling himself a psycho.

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Santosh said that he was not a psycho and that he was saddened to hear people calling him a psycho. ‘Nitya Menon’s mother told my father that their daughter did not want a psycho like me. They recommended that I see a doctor. But the doctor said I was a creative genius that ordinary people could not understand, ‘said Santosh Varkey.

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