“I’m not called by a show of an entertainer who is on good terms with Ken Watabe …” The secret adverse effect of an affair husband who afflicts Nozomi Sasaki | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Nozomi Sasaki with a happy smile in March 2018 during her first child’s pregnancy

“Mr. Sasaki has only one regular commercial TV program,” Tokoro JAPAN “(Kansai TV). He says,” I’ll do anything! “, But it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. It doesn’t seem to be … “(TV station official)

2020 June 1 from when the reported affair in years, Ken Watanabe not yet stand the prospect of the entertainment world return (48). Instead, his wife, Nozomi Sasaki (33), is struggling.


Sasaki has appeared on variety shows such as showing off her funny face since her husband’s affair was reported. However, it is said that Watanabe’s adverse effects are secretly appearing without her noticing.

“There are many MCs and performers in the variety industry who are close friends with Mr. Watanabe, but it is difficult to have Mr. Sasaki appear on their programs.

Because when you appear, you have to mention “multipurpose toilet”. It’s hard to get rid of the surroundings, and I feel like I’m touching a swollen thing.

As Mr. Watanabe couldn’t return, she said, “For my family! I think I’m doing my best. But even there, my husband is pulling his legs … “(above, TV station official)

In July, it was reported that at Josei Seven, Sasaki had purchased a 400 million yen condominium in bulk under the sole name of a private company.

She is said to have started “sales” in other areas as well.

“Recently, it seems that the actress business has begun to sell quite a bit. It’s still well-known and brilliant. Opportunities are limited if you aim for the lead role or heroine, but if you can broaden the range of work you receive, you will be more exposed. It will increase.

Mr. Watanabe seems to be doing childcare and housework, and I think he will increase the number of appearances in movies and theatrical performances in the future. “(Another TV station official)

While Watabe’s return is still unclear, Sasaki’s struggling days are likely to continue.


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