“I’m sick of always being the problem of …

A single sentence has been enough to Leo messi to demonstrate his tiredness of always being the target of criticism in the FC Barcelona. “I’m tired of always being the problem of everything,” he replied, when asked about the brutal ‘crack’ with which Eric Olhats, former representative of Antoine Griezmann, attacked him a few days ago.

These words are those collected by the cameras and microphones of various media that recorded the arrival of Leo Messi at the Prat airport, where he landed after the national team break a day before joining the training sessions with Ronald Koeman and the rest of international. Visibly annoyed, the Argentine star was short and concise in his statements.

Further, before getting in the car to leave the El Prat airport facilities, He assured that “above, after 15 hours of flight, I find myself at the Treasury. It’s crazy.” Perhaps, this previous initiator heated the spirits of a Leo Messi who, as expected, did not take at all well the criticism that the environment of Antoine Griezmann poured on him in a documentary on the French chain ‘M6’ about the Frenchman.

Let us remember that, in him, Éric Olhats was very tough with the captain of the FC Barcelona. “Antoine Griezmann arrived at a club with serious problems where Messi controls everything. He is both emperor and monarch and did not see Antoine’s arrival with good eyes. Messi’s attitude has been deplorable, he has always made him feel it. heard Antoine say that he had no problems with Messi, but never the other way around. It is the regime of terror. Either you are with him, or you are against him, “he said.

Emmanuel Lopes, Antoine Griezmann’s uncle, also hinted at the tension between the Frenchman and Leo Messi, but it was Éric Olhats who indiscriminately attacked the Argentine star. The former representative of the international ‘bleu’ made some unfortunate statements that, for the only thing that will serve, will be to increase the tension in the FC Barcelona dressing room that Ronald Koeman was trying to rebuild after the Lisbon catastrophe.

Antoine Griezmann is very badly surrounded

Shortly after Eric Olhats’ regrettable accusations, Antoine Griezmann tried to reduce the tension by publishing the photograph in which he appeared hugging Leo Messi. However, it does not matter what the Frenchman does if his environment continues to sow tension. Both the words of his former representative and those of his uncle Emmanuel Lopes only complicate his situation, already difficult in itself. The Frenchman is very badly surrounded and his environment does not help him at all.

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