‘I’m Solo’ 11th class Sunja Instagram, surprise ponytail fashion “Listening to the hymn?”

Photo = ‘I’m Solo’ Sunja’s 11th class Instagram

[내외경제TV] Reporter Jin Byeong-hun = ENA PLAY·SBS PLUS channel ‘I’m Solo (SOLO)’ 11th class Sunja showed off a horsehair style.

On the 3rd, Sunja posted daily photos and videos on Instagram with the romantic words “Dream of me, sleep well”. She especially caught her attention when she revealed her different hairstyle for the first time on the air.

Since the broadcast, Sunja’s fashion as well as her beauty has become a hot topic. As a picture of her carrying a luxury brand E000 bag was released, netizens speculated that she grew up in an affluent family.

Soon-ja, who has been in a good mood with Yeong-cheol every day, is speeding up his thumb by saying, “I’m excited to feed this person” after feeding him pizza in the last broadcast. Even in the interview, Sunja led a good atmosphere by saying, “Why can I show myself naturally to this person?”

On the other hand, Sunja is 28 years old, majored in vocal music, and is a rehabilitation fitness instructor.

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