‘I’m Solo’ 13th Gwangsu, “The production team made the right decision for the viewership rating”

Photo = ENA, SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자]

‘I’m Solo’ 13th Kwang-soo expressed his position on the compilation controversy.

In ENA and SBS Plus’ ‘I’m Solo’, which aired on the 22nd, the dates of the 13th solo men and women were revealed.

On this day’s broadcast, Kwang-soo and Soon-ja, who had previously dated while exchanging good feelings, rarely appeared, which aroused viewers’ curiosity.

Other solo men and women appeared, centering around Youngsuk, who started dating three men, but the parts of Gwangsoo and Soonja were missing.

One netizen sent an Instagram DM to Gwangsoo in the 13th class and asked what he thought about the compilation controversy.

Kwang-soo said, “I’m also sorry that the amount is small,” and “But I think the production team made the right decision for the ratings.”

He explained, “‘I’m Solo’ is a pairing variety show, and it’s only fun when there’s a skirmish, so it seems to focus on that side.”

Meanwhile, ‘I’m Solo’ is a dating program for single men and women who want to get married and airs every Wednesday at 10:30 PM.

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