‘I’m Solo’ There were more than the spoiler photos of Oksun and Youngsik… “I want to see you more often”

(Export News Reporter Kim Ye-eun) ‘I’m Solo’ 10th dolsing special feature Young-sook revealed a photo she took with the members.

On the 27th, Youngsook posted a picture on her Instagram saying, “I love 10th grade ♥ Soonja Oksun and I want to see you more often. I will remember all the precious memories!!”

In the published photo, Young-sook, Soon-ja, and Ok-soon are taking pictures together at a bar in Myeong-dong. This is a photo taken on the same day as the photo Ok-soon uploaded to her Instagram earlier.

At that time, Ok-soon was criticized as a ‘spoiler’ by uploading a two-shot with Young-shik, who is drawing a love line in ‘I’m Solo’.

In addition, Young-sook added, “‘I’m Solo’ 10th Myeong-dong gathering. My healer Soon-ja. Ok-soon, a small duo who is dangerous to take pictures with.”

On the other hand, ENA PLAY, SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’ 10th season is in progress as a special feature, and it airs every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.

Photo = 10th Youngsook Instagram, 10th Oksoon Instagram

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