iMac made of glass? | iPhone 9s with Touch ID on the side?

Does the iMac come from glass? Is there an iPhone with Touch ID on the side? That and more are the topics in today’s broadcast. We also discuss Apple’s quarterly figures, of course. – welcome to episode 130.

As usual, we also start this issue with a little mail from you and we have an uncanny experience of the third kind to report from a user. Have you already experienced something like that?

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and babble: Lukas in London
  • 00:09:00: Auditor mail: performance of old iPhones, iOS 14 for all devices? | Lukas buys new iPad | Wrong plane tickets in Wallet
  • 00:24:30: Apple’s quarterly results: earnings, comparison, analysis and Apple’s future
  • 00:45:30: AirPower 2 approaching? | March keynote with MacBook Air update and MacBook Pro 14 inch
  • 00:53:40: iPhone 9s rumors: Affordable iPhone with full screen and side Touch ID next year
  • 00:57:00: Patent: This is what the new iMac could look like

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Apple’s record quarter and the numbers

We are of course talking about Apple’s quarterly figures, which the company presented on Tuesday, here. It was another record quarter. Afterwards, Tim Cook spoke about 1.5 billion active devices, 75% new customers for the Apple Watch and not about 5G, to the disappointment of the analysts.
We summarize and classify.

Is there a small AirPower in 2020 and an iPhone 9s in 2021?

Then we talk about some rumors of the week. After that, Apple could bring some AirPower this year, probably in a smaller version than originally planned. The MacBook Air could also be equipped with the new Magic Keyboard keys in 2020. We expect a new iPad Pro anyway, the only question is when it will come.
And then the experts are already venturing into the next year: In early 2021, an iPhone 9s with an edge-to-edge screen and a side Face ID may come.

Patented iMac made of glass

And finally Lukas talks about an exciting patent that should inspire everyone who would have liked more news about the iMac.
Enjoy listening!

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