Images of the new Mass Effect are leaked

Yes we had anticipated that a new Mass Effect was in full production along with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition that BioWare is preparing to put the franchise back on the top of the podium as it deserves, after having lost some positions in the ranking community with a very lackluster Mass Effect Andromeda.

The book BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development illustrates part of what would be sketches of the new Mass Effect that some fans understand would have direct connections to Andromeda. Of course, several scans of the book have already spread like wildfire on the Internet, mainly on platforms such as Tumblr.

The new Mass Effect would be related to Andromeda


In the images you can see a group of people next to a MudSkipper and to a set of buildings that fans say resemble those built by the Remnant, a race that first appeared on Andromeda. A third illustration shows a Mass Relay under construction with the name “MR7”

It is important to note that these plates respond to the first sketches of the game, so they may be improved when the title finally comes out or they may be discarded completely. In any case, it seems that Andromeda is not just a bad drink for the studio that will continue to bet on its inclusion in the saga despite the commercial disaster it represented, something quite commendable from the artistic point of view in my humble opinion.

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