Imam Dicko congratulates Timbuktu Institute on moving to Bamako

As part of inclusive consultations with Malian actors for an initiative to support national reconciliation, a delegation from the Timbuktu Institute, led by Dr. Bakary Sambe, was received by Imam Mahmoud Dicko at headquarters of its new Center for Peace and Living Together in Sahelian Countries in Bamako.
During the discussions, there was a long discussion of collaboration between its Center and the Timbuktu Institute in the field of the search for peace through inclusive dialogue in Mali. The imam also praised the Senegalese model of living together by magnifying, in this sense, the works of Cheikh El Hadji Malick Sy and Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, whom he says he admires.

A press release sent to Dakaractu informs that the Minister of National Reconciliation, Colonel Ismaël Wagué, recalled during the inauguration of the Mali and Sahel Office of the Timbuktu Institute in Bamako, that “The true place of the Timbuktu Institute is here in Mali ; we need it to build peace and reconciliation ”.

Said press release also tells us that in a correspondence addressed to the Director of the Timbuktu Institute, Imam Mahmoud Dicko recalls his “openness to any discussion and initiative” with the Timbuktu Institute within the framework of the return of peace in Mali and the Sahel.
As a reminder, the Timbuktu Institute recently led a training course for young religious leaders in Mali as part of their capacity building in non-violent communication and peacebuilding.


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