Imam Ndiaye attacks Me Diouf

a Senegalese politician sentenced to Paris
par afp
published on 14/11/2012 at 19:33
Senegalese politician and lawyer El Hajji Diouf was sentenced today by the Paris Criminal Court to six months in prison for having sexually assaulted a young adult woman, in Paris in March 2012.

the prosecution had requested a 10-month suspended prison sentence. the hearing was held behind closed doors in front of the 10th chamber of the criminal court.
“in the procedure, he recognizes the facts even if he disputes, against the evidence, the lack of consent” of the young woman, said the lawyer of the latter, me thibault de montbrial, who did not wanted to talk more about the facts. but “in front of third parties and in the press, he invokes an alleged conspiracy” as to the exploitation of this case, added the lawyer.

in the Senegalese media, el hadji diouf had mentioned a plot on the part of the power in place of abdoulaye wade to dismiss him, in the midst of the electoral campaign.
at the head of the workers and people party, el hadji diouf was re-elected as a deputy in the last legislative elections this summer, and was part of the coalition supporting president macky sall, elected last march. his placement in police custody was very quickly mentioned in the Senegalese press.

at the end of the proceedings in court today, nor mr. neither diouf nor his lawyer wished to speak. lawyer for former chadian president hissène habré, accused of crimes against humanity and a refugee in dakar, el hadji diouf is also involved in the joola sinking case.


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