IMF CEO calls for urgent aid for immunization campaigns in developing countries

“At the moment, only one country in Africa has launched its vaccination campaign, it is Morocco,” said Georgieva during a virtual round table with journalists, held on Friday, stressing that “the duel between the mutations virus and vaccines must be won everywhere “.

“You have to focus relentlessly on helping developing countries. This means expanding production, improving distribution in these countries and giving them fiscal space for their own health measures,” he said. the director of the institution based in Washington.

Georgieva noted that, according to IMF calculations, an acceleration of vaccination campaigns would boost global production by nine trillion dollars by 2025. “Some 60% of these gains will go to developing countries,” he said. -she said.

Referring to the outlook for the world economy for this year, the IMF CEO indicated that despite the fact that the Fund has revised upwards its global growth forecasts to 5.5% instead of 5.2%, the economy remains “exceptionally uncertain”.

“We are still facing a massive loss of production between now and 2025, some 22 trillion dollars less compared to the pre-pandemic period,” she noted.

In this regard, she added that 150 world economies will not be able to return to their pre-pandemic growth level in 2021, against 110 in 2022.

“About 50% of developing countries will diverge rather than converge, risking falling further behind, which would not only lower the standard of living in these countries, but would make it much more difficult to achieve stability and security for them and for the rest of the world, “warned the IMF CEO.


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