Imitating the “One Piece” Luffy’s unique trick to participate in the Greek long jumper won the Olympic gold medal-Hong Kong

The Tokyo Olympic men’s long jump event was held in the final on August 2. The Greek representative TENTOGLOU Miltiadis won the gold medal in the event, and his posture imitating the protagonist of the anime One Piece Luffy also quickly sparked heated discussions among netizens, saying with a smile: A true fan of anime.

When TENTOGLOU played in the men’s long jump finals of this year’s Olympics, he made a posture of spreading his legs and bending his waist to touch the ground with his fists. It was exactly the same as the signature action of the anime One Piece character Luffy, but the second best result was 8.15 in the next event. Mi Li defeated his opponent to win the gold medal. Regarding the netizens’ hot talk about the appearance of the posture, TENTOGLOU stated at first: “Those who are bright will naturally know”, and then added that his appearance is really to pay tribute to Luffy.

Looking at Tentoglou’s social media, it is not difficult to find that he is an out-and-out anime fan. In addition to using the picture of “Attack on Titan” protagonist Allen as his avatar, he also shares anime phrases/anime works currently being read from time to time. In his spare time, he will depict different works by himself, so that the long jump animation is not wrong!


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