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Immigrate to the UK | A good dad prepares a loving meal box, the woman cried and complained that she brought rice balls and fried noodles, and there were no classmates to accompany her to eat

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United Kingdom | Good dad prepares a love meal box, the girl cried and complained that she brought rice balls and fried noodles, and there were no classmates to accompany the meal

Many Hong Kong people who immigrated to the United Kingdom, as parents, because they can’t bear their children to have lunch in the school canteen, will go to great lengths to prepare a pack lunch. , Recently, a British-born father shared a sad story on the Internet about bringing food for his children.

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Yiying’s father was beaten by his children when he tried to make a lunch box

Recently, a father who immigrated to the United Kingdom shared a post in the “Eat Goods in the British Supermarket/Diet Sharing Area”, saying that his daughter cried to herself before going to bed at night about going to school because the lunch her father prepared was rice balls, Fried noodles, and most of the classmates ate cakes, biscuits, and potato chips. My daughter said, “No one plays with me when I eat these.” After listening to his daughter’s words, this British father was disappointed and bluntly said, “I think it is the best lunch, but there is always a gap between reality and ideals.”

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

A dad who immigrated to the UK shared his heart-wrenching story in a Facebook group.

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

The Yiying father who shared the story also shared the packed lunch prepared for his child on the Internet from time to time.

Netizens comfort that it is reasonable to not bring meals

After the father told his sad story, many parents in the group who moved to England also comforted him to give their children and themselves time to adapt. Some suggested to try to follow the local customs and prepare some sandwiches and hamburgers for their children. Some netizens who were also parents pointed out that lunch Time is an important social time for a child. It is suggested that he can let his child try to eat the school lunch provided by the school.

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

Some netizens comforted the building mainly to adapt to the change.

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

There are also netizens who might as well bring hamburgers or sandwiches to do as the locals do.

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

One of the suggestions is to prepare some snacks for the children to invite classmates to eat, so as to integrate into the local circle.

移民英國|好爸爸準備愛心餐盒  子女哭訴帶飯團、炒麵變異類,冇同學陪食

Some netizens pointed out that they want to give children space to try to be gregarious.

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