Immunity: 4 foods to test for a healthy body

1. Lemon

Unsurprisingly, it is the lemon that we find in first place in this 100% immunity selection. Rich in vitamin C and thanks to its natural antioxidants, it boosts the immune system. It is an excellent antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral, perfect in the treatment of colds and sore throats.

2. Black radish

From the Brassicaceae family like cabbage or turnip, black radish is a black or purple winter radish. Known for its detoxifying properties and its excellent potassium level for the nervous system, it is also excellent for the immune system and cell renewal thanks to its vitamin B9 contribution.

3. Coconut water

From an unripe green coconut, coconut water is drunk like summer nectar, tasty and refreshing. Beyond a simple sweet drink, this water has multiple benefits that you may not know the existence: loaded with micronutrients (zinc, phosphorus, manganese, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6) and vitamin C, it helps fight fatigue and infections. Its composition, ideal for restoring the acid-base balance, makes it an ideal drink for strengthening the immune system.

4. Watercress

Rich in carotene, manganese, copper, iron, fiber, calcium and vitamins, watercress is an undeniable health ally. Good for fighting cancer thanks to its antioxidant power, it is also recommended for improving defense systems and protecting the body against infections, viruses and bacteria. To consume without moderation !

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